On Saturday Minnesota House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, (R-Crown) announced that the House Republican Caucus would not support a bonding bill that would lead to more jobs while the governor’s emergency powers remain in effect.  

For a bonding bill to pass the Minnesota House, a three-fifths majority would need to support it which requires votes from Daudt’s caucus. 

The Carpenters union responded today via a press release expressing their frustration that Minority Leader Daudt, “would hold up a crucial piece of legislation impacting all Minnesotans for political gain relative to a national pandemic.”

 “I call on Leader Daudt to change course on a critically important bonding bill this session,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Raines. “Now is not the time for our jobs and our community’s infrastructure needs to be used as leverage. I urge all legislative leaders, who have expressed support for bonding since the end of the 2019 Legislative Session, to sit down and work out a substantial bonding bill as soon as possible. Our members and our state are counting on you.”

The union argues that bonding bills are jobs bills and are necessary as the unemployment rate increases.

A spokesperson for Gov. Walz issued a statement asking for bipartisan support in passing the bonding bill.

“As he follows the guidance of public health experts, Governor Walz is working with Minnesota lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, a bipartisan group of midwest governors, and the White House to keep Minnesotans safe. The Governor is committed to getting Minnesotans back to work safely, and he’s asked the Legislature to join him by passing a robust Local Jobs and Projects Plan.”  

The confrontation over the bonding bill escalated over Twitter 

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