On October 17, hundreds of educators from across Minnesota marched in support of immigrant students and families, denouncing the emotional and physical devastation caused by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) MN Educators Against ICE hosted a march at during the Minnesota Educator Academy (MEA) conferenceStudents, parents, and educators told stories about how immigration enforcement affects communities statewide and nationally.Members of MN Educators Against ICE also participated in a direct action  to demonstrate the need for classrooms, not cages for all students

Educators established a presence on the intersection of 5th and 7th Street in downtown St. Paul. 6 educators risked arrest during the “read-aloud” by staying in the intersection.

As participant and Minneapolis Public Schools educator Phillip Lickteig said, “Too often business as usual goes on while inhumane actions and policies devastate the students and families with whom we work. We wanted to present an alternative to that inhumanity by publicly demonstrating, outside the classroom, the nurturing and care that we give students no matter where they come from.” 

By gathering at the MEA conference, educators from all over Minnesota demonstrated their commitment to an urgent issue of student safety.

Early-child educator Kate Percuoco said, “Seeing the devastation of the brutal actions of ICE and the US immigration system, it’s clear that policies need to change. Being at the front line with children and their families gives educators insight and a role to champion their rights, including the right to be here without fear. Today, we stood with them.” 

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