For decades, Local 17 has had a contract with ARAMARK, which operated the cafeteria.

But recently Cassidy & Turley, the real estate management company for the facility, has decided to bring in Taher Food Service to replace ARAMARK.

Thursday, April 11, is scheduled to be the last day on the job for the four cafeteria workers, who have worked at the cafeteria 8 years, 13 years, 16 years and 33 years respectively.

The four workers delivered a letter today to Tom Veirling, site manager for Cassidy & Turley.

“We have heard that you are replacing ARAMARK with Taher Food Service and you told Bruce Taher not to hire us,” the letter reads. “This news is extremely hurtful to hear, especially since you know us and see us here every day. What did we ever do to you that would cause you to have us be treated in this manner? We have all worked here for a considerable length of time and have been through lean times at this facility; but we have religiously showed up for work, even though none of us have full workweek anymore.

“All of us have families and struggling through these rough economic times has been difficult, but now they will become a lot more difficult as we lose our incomes and health insurance. How do you separate decent behavior and kindness to others with this heartless act you are committing?

“We hope that you and Cassidy Turley are pleased with yourselves knowing that you are responsible for needlessly hurting us and our families. Thank you for giving away our jobs.

“Taher told us Vierling told him not to hire these four people,” said Martin Goff, senior vice president for Local 17. As for Taher, Goff continued, “he doesn’t want them because he doesn’t want the union.” Under the Local 17 contract, the workers earn a decent wage and “they have full health care and pensions,” Goff noted.

Local 17 has been distributing flyers about the cafeteria workers’ plight on the windshields of the cars in the parking lot at the BAE plant. But, Goff notes, Cassidy & Turley staff have been removing the flyers.

The workers “don’t deserve to be tossed out like paper cups,” the flyer reads.

Local 17 urges calls or e-mails to Tom Veirling at 763-571-7215 or Local 17 suggests asking him why is he doing this to these four longtime workers?

Local 17 also urges calls or e-mails to Bruce Taher at 952-945-0505 or Local 17 suggests asking him if this is how he maximizes profits? By paying low wages and no benefits?

Thursday, April 11, could be the workers last day on the job, so Local 17 urges calls or e-mails without delay.

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