The Labor Education Service (LES) at the University of Minnesota is seeking an educator to join our teaching staff and work in tandem with LES colleagues to fulfill our collective vision. 

At LES we operate at the intersection of education, media, and journalism rooted in popular education. With the addition of a second labor educator, we expect to continue our legacy of creatively responding to the changing dynamics of work by partnering and working closely with organized labor and organizations that serve the interests of the most historically marginalized workers. 

We’re looking for someone who has strong cultural competency and a demonstrated history of working with at least one marginalized community. Furthermore we are looking for someone rooted in popular education who has an interest and passion for facilitating labor education courses for working adults; design customized curriculum; and coordinating and implementing educational programs, like our Minnesota Union Women and Femmes Retreat and our Minnesota Union Leadership program.

The ideal candidate will have experience with popular education methods; will speak a language other than English; and/or will have experience with other social movements in addition to the labor movement. The position requires teaching expertise using diverse methodologies and effectiveness in relating to a wide variety of worker organizations. 

Labor educators also have the opportunity to integrate their insights and experiences with workers into our digital news outlet, Workday Minnesota.

The salary for this position starts at $73,000/year, plus benefits.

The deadline for applications is November 22.

Complete description and APPLICATION process is here: SEARCH for job 333036.

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