Tuesday morning, faith leaders held an ecumenical service to call attention to the injustices of the deportation regime.

After the assembled crowd received communion, a small group gathered and marched forward to try and offer communion to the immigrant detainees held in custody. DHS security immediately turned them away.

After offering prayer and blessings, the group marched to the front of the Whipple building for a press conference.

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota and its faith partners called on the General Services Administration to evict DHS and ICE from the building or remove Bishop Whipple’s name from the building’s façade.

Bishop Brian N. Prior, of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, announced a joint movement to designate Minnesota a Sanctuary State.

As people of faith, we are called to love our neighbors, without exception. Our demand that officials either remove Bishop Whipple’s name from the Federal Building or evict DHS and ICE, is ECMN’s rebuke of and unequivocal divestment from the ICE oppression that manifests inside the building and in our communities.

Brian N. Prior, Bishop, Episcopal Church in Minnesota

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