Bartman Protest

Organizing for a New Restaurant Industry

“We can’t go back to normal, because normal wasn’t working,” said Hornstein. “The fact that we are also fighting for broader change in the industry. We know this isn’t just about our restaurants, but about workers across the industry, in the Twin Cities and the country.”

Crate of Vegetables

A Call to Action from Essential Workers

On May 6th I tested positive for COVID-19. All the weeks of fear, anger and grief that I had suppressed–in order to keep working, keep my loved ones calm, keep helping neighbors who had it even worse–it all came crashing in. And with it, an odd sense of relief.

Caribou Coffee Headquarters

Caribou Coffee Protests Continue

Monday, Caribou Coffee frontline workers rallied for the second time in a month to demand their employer improve working conditions for employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. About 30 Caribou Coffee workers were joined by approximately 70 community allies.