Through Her Lens

Venezuelan-American Photographer Lexi Parra is moving away from the individualistic “I” and towards the collective “we” of creating art for the gain of many, not the personal success of one.

COVID Testing Site

COVID Testing is Free, Fast and Encouraged for Frontline Workers

COVID-19 testing is fast, safe and open to anyone free of charge at 21 community testing sites across Minnesota. That’s the message state health officials want union members – and all frontline workers – to hear as more businesses, schools and other gathering places begin reopening to the public. As a small group of union leaders toured the testing site inside St. Paul’s Roy Wilkins Auditorium today, state officials emphasized that testing remains critical to containing the coronavirus outbreak. And containing the outbreak is critical to keeping Minnesota schools and businesses open.

MN Results Expected on Election Night, But Some Contests Could Linger

“Just because we may not have 100% of the votes in for a week does not mean that people will be standing around wondering who won every office,” Simon said. “That’s not the case. In fact, it’s far more likely that we’ll have winners, outcomes either on Election Night or shortly thereafter.”

Review: Forty Years of Working-Class Films

It is still possible, though, to find engaging and valuable movies about working people where labor/management conflict is not the central focus. Here are my recommendations of some of the best that have come out since Norma Rae and Labor Notes debuted back in 1979.