NYC fast-food workers stage second 1-day walkout

Fed up with wages so low that they often face eviction, and lack of power to fight for a decent living standard, thousands of New York City fast food workers staged a second 1-day walkout from their jobs, on April 4. The workers, led by the Fast Food Forward, a community-based organizing group, demanded living wages of $15 an hour – barely enough to survive on in New York – and the right to organize without employer interference. It was their second walkout. The first was last November.

Home care workers rally as lawmakers consider their union rights

Working to change a state law denying them the right to form a union, home health care workers “made it rain” at the Capitol yesterday, streaming more than 1,000 purple cutouts – each representing a home-care worker who has signed up for the union – from the second level onto the rotunda floor.

Lockout ends in Detroit Lakes

In yet another Minnesota workplace, an employer has chosen to lock out union workers rather than negotiate a new contract. However, in the case of Snappy Air Distribution Products in Detroit Lakes, the lockout ended after eight days.

Non-profit workers enter second week of strike

The atmosphere at Sisters’ Camelot, a mobile food shelf and kitchen bus based in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, has grown increasingly tense as a labor dispute between the newly-formed canvassers’ union and the collective management enters its second week, workers say.