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There are countless definitions of the word “sex.” The definition that I am referring to is: “The instinct or attraction drawing one sex toward another or its manifestation in life and conduct” ( The term “worker” also has a number of varying definitions, the simplest being: “A person or thing that works.” The term “sex worker” has  only one definition with one word in it: “prostitution.” This is how much of the world views sex work. One worded, one sided, and highly disregarded: good ol’ prostitution.

The theory that categorizes all sex work as prostitution is incorrect and limited. There is a negative connotation around sex work. There always has been, but like most things in life that are “immoral” there is always a grand demand for them. The world wants and takes but does not give enough.

There is no sense of safety, nurture, or comfort. When you step into those six inch “working girl shoes” the world is big and scary, often sporting a cheap suit and leaving at home a ring that is usually located on its left hand. The world just wants the end result in whatever it’s  sinning for. The world does not care about the sex worker giving it to them, how they got there, or why they are willing to give part of themselves away.

Throughout the history of the world, many slurs have been concocted for women of the day or night: Jezebel, concubine, whore, slut. Over the years the lust for sex work has grown in many forms and faces all around the world. If there is such a large demand for it, why is it so questionable to demand respect and decency in the work the world wants so badly?

A Stripper

The term “stripper” means “an exotic dancer, stripteaser. A person who performs a striptease”, according to

I am a twenty-two year old stripper. I work at a variety of clubs and at each one I take my clothes off for money.

I am a sex worker. I am not ashamed of how I use and love my body. I am also not ashamed of how I make money. I am proud of it. I am young and strong and talented, and I need to be seen as that. I need to be seen by the world the same way I see myself.

I can make a woman’s husband laugh, and he then goes home to her and sleeps better after a long day. I can comfort a widowed man and show him love that he no longer has. I can arouse a woman by dancing for her man, bringing them closer together on date night.

Sex work is not all negative.

Sex work is not all negative. There are so many positives about it, and these need to be showcased more. The word “stripper” does not define me. The work I do does not determine whether or not I will be treated as someone’s daughter, or sister, or mother. I am these things regardless of what I do, and that can never be forgotten.

Here is your reminder: Please give all strippers and sex workers love, support, and respect. I am a daughter, a sister, and a dog mom. I work because I want to spend time with you, talk and laugh with you. I want to hear your stories, and I want you to hear mine.

Be kind and show us the love we show you.



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