Saturday Morning Gov. Walz along with Mayors Carter and Frey announced the presence of outside agitators with the certainty of more descending upon the Twin Cities. Walz even suggested, without evidence, of the presence of Cartels.   

Saturday Morning Walz stated that 

“The unconfirmed reports, and again we’re trying to get that, but we’ve got intel from all the different agencies. Of course, this is where the federal government helps us with some of this. I certainly can’t confirm personally on this. My suspicions and what I’ve seen on this? Yes.”

These unconfirmed reports and suggestions were used to justify the militarization of the city under a strict 8pm curfew. Mayor Carter would later retract his statement that 100% of those arrested were from out of state.

As Talking Points Memo described “But aside from anecdotal information, there’s been little substantive evidence presented to conclusively tie the destruction to an organized ideological or criminal effort.” 

Based on a few dozen jail intake records from Friday and Saturday, KARE 11 reported and confirmed by Workday, that the vast majority of those detained were from Minnesota, in contradiction to what had been stated earlier, that the vast majority of those that were arrested were from mostly outside of Minnesota.

All-day Saturday Minneapolis and St Paul residents boarded-up businesses. Community meetings were assembled in parks all over town. Community defense units were organized among some neighborhoods setting up blockades and ID checks. Resources were shared including fire extinguishers.  

Indian Country Today reported that dozens of American Indian Movement (AIM) and tribal members came out to patrol the area, which includes the Minneapolis American Indian Center, the Native American Community Clinic and Little Earth of United Tribes housing, considered the nation’s first complex dedicated to urban Natives.

On Friday night, members protecting the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe’s urban office detained four Wisconsin teenagers who they caught allegedly looting a liquor store.

Most residents eventually settled into their homes ready for anything but hoping for nothing. 

A sense of optimism in knowing that neighbors and friends had each other back was overshadowed by the heightened and ominous presence of the National Guard and impending white supremacists siege. 

As the curfew started National Guard and Police began shooting rubber bullets and chemicals into assembled crowds.

Reporters were attacked along with the protestors. 

Scattered reports of suspicious heavily armed men with out of state plates began circulating all over social media as well as reports of gunfire as the night sky extended into morning. 

The Minneapolis Police confirmed to KSTP the presence of  a shooter. KSTP also reported on trucks without license plates being pulled over. 

Sunday morning Walz announced that the curfew would be extended into Sunday night beginning at 8 pm and expiring Monday at 6am. 

Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said officers made 55 arrests mostly with weapons violations through 2 a.m. Sunday and somewhere between 40 and 50 more by 6 a.m. One officer was shot at and officers confiscated an AR-15, military assault-type rifle.

The solidarity action all over the world have been noticed.

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